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Whoops! Lost something?

We have found that most people are pretty honest, and chances are we have it here in a box in the office, so please let us have as much detail as possible so we can have a good look before getting back to you. Please get in touch with us ASAP as we will hold onto things for 7 days after a show. After that, everything will either be donated (clothing etc.) or handed over to the police (phones, wallets etc.).

Due to the large number of lost property requests we receive, we will only contact you if we find your item.

Please email us at, and include information such as:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Event name and date
  • List of items lost
  • Colour, brand and model of item (a lot of people lose phones, and a lot look alike, so all details are helpful!)
  • Where the item was mislaid