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What happened to Vector Arena?

It's the end of an era! We are so grateful to our original naming rights partner, Vector, who helped get this building up and running back in 2007, and has, in doing so made a major contributrion to New Zealand's music scene. There has been no change in the management of the arena, we are still the same team, in the same building, we just have a different name! Here at Quay Park Arena Management (QPAM) we are looking forward to showing you our new look and enhancements that have been made possible with our new association with Spark NZ.

Is public car parking available?

There are no public parking facilities located at Spark Arena, and we encourage the use of public transport as we enjoy such good access to Auckland's public transport hubs.

Unfortunately, street parking in downtown Auckland or nearby Parnell is not a great option. This is because most streets have parking limits or are resident-only parking, which is enforced.

However, there are more than 7,000 car parks located within a 1.5km radius (0.9 mile) of Spark Arena and over 4,000 hotel beds are within a short 2km (1.2 mile) radius. You can find information on the nearest parking buildings here.

Is Spark Arena close to public transport?

Yes, Spark Arena is easily accessible by public transport. More info on public transport here.

How do I book a ticket?

All our ticketing is handled by Ticketmaster. They can be contacted as follows:
    Online Bookings:
    Telephone Bookings: +64 9 970 9700 or 0800 111 999
    Find your nearest Ticketmaster outlet here.

How do I collect my ticket?

The Spark Arena Box Office is open four hours prior to the doors opening time on show days. If patrons wish to collect tickets prior to the event day, tickets can be picked up (if any applicable print suppression on an event has been lifted) from any Ticketmaster Outlet or Box Office, subject to their usual opening hours. The closest Box Offices to Spark Arena are The Aotea Centre and Bruce Mason Centre.

What sound system do you use?

We are essentially a room for hire. Almost everything you see in the arena on a show night, from the stage, to the sound and lighting equipment, to the people controlling that equipment, all come with the tour and leave with the tour. We don't have a lot of control over these things but do our best to work with tours and help them get set up in a way that ensures everyone can enjoy the show. We don't have a sound system in the building (or sound technicians for that matter) so every show will have a different one in use depending on what the tour brings with them. 

What time does the show start / finish?

For all event timings, please visit the relevant event page on our website and all ticketholders will receive a pre-event mailer with timings for door and show start closer to event day.

Generally event timings are not available until the week of the event. We recommend checking back on the day of the event, as the timings are subject to change, and the artist may opt to go on slightly earlier or later than advertised.

For almost every show at Spark Arena, if you arrive after the show has started, you will still be allowed to enter.
The rare exception is some of our more intimate theatre-style events, where, if you arrive late, you may be asked by our ushers to wait for a suitable break in the performance so your entry won't disrupt the performance and/or other patrons.
For any event where you have a seated ticket and you're entering after the house lights have gone down, we highly recommend you ask an usher to help you get to your seat as finding it yourself in the dark can be tricky!

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Sorry, you can't! Strict licensing laws mean that the only drinks you can have in our building are ones that are sold through our bars. There is free drinking water available in the upper and lower foyers, and our bar pricing is equivalent to other licensed premises and venues in the local area. We have a small selection of hot food available at most shows, usually including hot chips, pizza slices and hot dogs served fast-food style. You cannot bring food, including takeaways, in to the building with you. Find more information about food & drink for purchase here
Food and drinks brought in the arena can be taken to your seat, however please be aware that even plastic bottles may have to be be decanted into disposable cups and water bottles may have caps removed on purchase at the request of the artist. 

What is the alcohol policy?

Alcohol will be available to purchase at our bars by over 18's in possession of an acceptable form of ID. The ONLY acceptable forms of ID are valid HANZ/Hospitality NZ 18+ Card, NZ Drivers Licence, or International Passports.
Alcohol may NOT be brought into the venue, and under 18's may not consume alcohol on our premises - even if it is purchased and given to them by a parent.

The city bylaws are that no alcohol is to be consumed on the streets within Auckland CBD this is pretty strictly enforced by Auckland Police. The law of the land states that if you arrive at the arena intoxicated we cant let you in. If you show signs of intoxication at Spark Arena, then you will be asked to leave. In the exact words of the law "The licensee or a manager of any licensed premises who allows an intoxicated person to be or remain on the licensed premises commits an offence". This is not something we want to happen, so help us out and ease off the drink.
We are not here to spoil your fun, but have to take our responsibility as licensees very seriously, so please be aware that if you are found to be breaking any of these conditions, you will be given a warning, and may be asked to leave without refund. Thanks for understanding!

Can I bring a camera?

Ticket Holders
Everyone has a camera on their phone these days, and most events allow these and small handheld digital and instamatic cameras. This is subject to the discretion of the artist and promoter and is subject to change. As a general rule, you will be able to see the camera policy for a specific event highlighted on the event details page, which you can access from the event page on our website. Usually it is ok to take a quick selfie on your phone, but not a full on video, but this does vary from event to event.
Video cameras or cameras that may be used for professional purposes (any camera with a detachable lens), selfie sticks, iPads and Go Pro's will not be permitted, so please leave them at home, and in all circumstances flash photography will not be tolerated.
As a venue we are obliged to carry out the wishes of the performers, and we also have a duty to keep other audience members from annoying each other, so if you feel the need to take a quick pic on your phone, please bear in mind that you will be spoiling the show for people behind and around you, so do keep it to an absolute minimum.
Professional/Commercial Photographers
Professional photographers will need to seek permission from the event promoter to film or photograph for all events being held. Permission is required from Quay Park Arena Management (QPAM) for any filming or photography of Spark Arena.

Is there a coat check?

For most shows including sporting events and concerts, we have a coat check available (contact us to check if you are concerned it won't be open). You'll find it inside downstairs at the far left of the building, near Entry B. There will be a small charge for this service, and we have limited space, so get in quick. If you miss out, don't worry, as there's a bit of space underneath seats for jackets and bags. But regardless of where you stash your gear, please don't forget to collect it before you go!

Is Spark Arena indoors?

Spark Arena is an indoor, multi-purpose arena with a sealed floor and a closed roof. It differs from a stadium, which in general does not have a roof, and has turf or grass grounds with stadium style seating.

Can Spark Arena accommodate special needs?

In terms of mobility, we are able to assist with specialised pre-bookable parking, toilets, access doors, seating areas and elevators.
Please visit the Accessibility page for more information.
If you have needs beyond mobility access, please contact our office in advance for advice on 09 358 1250.

Are there EFTPOS facilities?

Yes, Spark Arena is completely cashless so EFTPOS facilities and PayWave are available. 

Can children attend events unsupervised?

Our Customer Care policy states children under the age of 14 must be supervised by a responsible adult (18+) at all times while on the premises. Teenagers do enjoy coming to some of our shows in groups, but under the age of 14 we expect an adult to accompany them and take responsibility for their wellbeing. Our staff are here primarily for crowd safety not pastoral care, and we have found the scale and excitement of events can be very overwhelming for intermediate school age teenagers in particular, no matter how mature they may appear!

Is smoking permitted?

Spark Arena is a non-smoking environment and smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is not permitted at any time inside the venue.
Smoking is permitted outside on the main plaza.

Can I stand up/dance at my seat?

Everyone is encouraged to enjoy themselves, and it is expected that people will want to stand and dance at certain points in the show, however, aisles and walkways must be clear. Standing on seats and sitting on the shoulders of others is not permitted and please be considerate of those behind you.

How can I apply for a job?

Who owns Spark Arena?

Ultimately, you do! Auckland Council's Regional Facilities works in conjunction with Quay Park Arena Management Ltd (QPAM); the company responsible for the building, management, and operation of Spark Arena. The development of the arena was enabled by the creation of a BOOT project (Build Own Operate Transfer). Under BOOT, Auckland Council has a public/private partnership with QPAM Ltd to build, own, operate and maintain Spark Arena over a 40 year period. At the end of this rights period, ownership will be transferred to Auckland Council.

If your question was not answered, then please contact us!